Black bag of N® 99 Matcha Protein Powder with benefits listed like plant-based, dairy-free, and sugar-free.

5 reasons why n99's organic matcha protein is replacing everyone’s morning coffee.

a proprietary matcha organic plant based blend of the world's best ingredients to arm you against your largest challenges – anemia, protein deficiency, fatigue, and more.

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1. n99's matcha protein powder is “liquid gold” for your body, packed with organic vegan protein, iron, vitamins, matcha, & more

our matcha protein gives your body the boost it needs. n99's protein is made with organic pea and rice protein, matcha, iron, vitamin b12, and contains BCAAs (branched-chain-amino-acids, aka helps your muscles recover tremendously well! 

containing half the iron you require, n99's matcha protein helps your body fight anemia while vitamin b12 supplements diets that are reducing their meat and dairy intake, while providing crucial energy. 

not to mention, matcha green tea has loads of benefits ranging from containing cancer fighting properties to being high in antioxidants to protecting the liver. 

Matcha green tea with whisk, powder, and bowl.
A man finishing the Ironman Italy race at night under a lit archway.Green matcha powder with a textured surface and grooves.

2. developed by an ironman & former NASM trainer

n99 is the brainchild of nicholas orsini, an ironman who has cycled across the continental United States. these holistic experiences led nicholas to believe that he could develop better products with more transparency, quality, and integrity (and taste!) than what was currently on the market.

after over 100 product iterations in collaboration with multiple dieticians and nutritionists, n99 felt they had finally developed a vegan protein powder that helped improve muscle recovery, mental clarity, energy, and fought against common issues like vitamin b12 deficiency and anemia. 

the goal was to develop a protein powder to compliment the diet (not replace it!) and provide you with the benefits you needed daily. 

3. we aim for transparency 

we don't believe in get-rich-quick-schemes and neither should you. our products won't transform your body, nor will they replace meals. we believe in a holistic lifestyle that encompasses healthy eating, sleeping, living, and more.  

n99 can be used with in smoothies to replace meals, but it as a standalone isn't enough to replace your entire meals. we believe in transparency and empowering you to achieve your goals. because 99% is up to you. leave the 1% up to us.

Woman drinking from a bottle while sitting on an outdoor running track.

4. better mental clarity – n99's matcha protein fuels you with the nutrients to stay sharp and focused

our environment, and everyday lives, introduce stressors that impair our brain health. the matcha green tea has been shown in various studies to improve brain performance, attention, & memory. the L-theanine in matcha helps promote altertness and avoids energy crashes that can follow after consuming caffeine.

5. all natural. sugar-free. dairy-free. gluten-free. artificial junk-free.

i wanted to develop a best-in-class health supplement

“training for an ironman is incredibly tough. you're cycling hundreds of miles weekly, running, lifting, swimming on top of it. you need the best quality products out there. equally, i know not everyone wants to be an ironman. some people just to be more healthy. that's who this is for.”

Nick Orsini, Founder of n99

Woman in athletic wear holding a bottle while lying on a green exercise mat on a sports court.
N° 99 Matcha Protein Powder, plant-based, dairy-free, sugar-free, organic protein, nutritional information.

Ready to experience the plant based difference with N99?

One of the UK’s Premium Plant-Based Protein for Health and Performance

Are you ready to take your nutrition to the next level? With N99's match Organic Vegan Protein Powder, you’re not just getting a supplement – you’re investing in your health.

Packed with Protein fuelling your muscles with a complete amino acid profile and +4g of BCAAs per serving.

Helps maintain stable blood sugar levels with our low-carb formula.

Nutrient-Rich Protein with essential vitamins and minerals

Includes b12 (123% rdi), calcium, and iron (49% rdi).

Delicious & Digestible with rich flavours to choose from

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“N99’s matcha Protein is a game-changer! Smooth, tasty, and keeps me energized.”

Sarah, Fitness Enthusiast


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what the experts say about us:

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marina reluskoska

B.A., Food Tech & Nutrition

N99 leads it's competitors in total protein content, boasting an impressive 72.6g per 100g. in this regard, it surpasses brands like MyProtein and Gold Standard, which often hover around the 60-70g mark. n99 maintains a low profile with 1.7g of carbohydrates per 100g, ensuring a minimal impact on blood sugar levels. this stands in contrast to Savas, which tends to have a slightly higher carbohydrate content. given n99's usage of organic ingredients, there is no comparison between them and most competitors.

Black and white portrait of a smiling woman with a herringbone jacket.

eylul yavuz

B.A. dietetics & clinical nutrition

through an examination of critical elements like protein quality, nutritional content, ingredient composition, certifications, and the presence (or lack) of artificial additives, it's very clear that n99 is one of the most distinguished brands on the market. with low fat levels, minimal ingredients, no artificial ingredients, and a solid make-up of lipids (fats) N99 presents itself as a comprehensive option on the path to a healthier, more energetic lifestyle, not only as a protein supplement, but generally in the dynamic world of health and wellness.

Don’t just take it from us. See why people love N99.

The nutrition game has changed. Experience the plant-based difference today.

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