it all started with a problem

while cycling across America, our founder, nicholas orsini, noticed a lack of quality plant-based nutrition options that provided protein, had no sugar, and was made with natural ingredients. most protein powders had a poor taste, solubility, or were packed with artificial ingredients or sugar. Fast forward five years later, as our founder was training for an ironman, he encountered the same problem.

how N99
was born

this journey inspired nicholas to establish the plant era, and their core product, a premium organic protein powder. after over a hundred product iterations and a year of R&D, testing, and failure, the product was finally market ready.

during his time at the plant era, nicholas observed two significant challenges faced by his customers. first, the organic ingredients came with a large price tag, making it inaccessible to many people. secondly, there was a lack of understanding on what to eat, how to consume nutritional products, & what to take to achieve one's goals. while the product had exceptional nutritional benefits, he recognized that true transformative health outcomes required a holistic approach encompassing various aspects of diet and lifestyle.

real change requires extraordinary action.

throughout this time, nicholas himself struggled with injuries sidelining him for over a year. his weight. he gained +20kg after the Ironman & had to reinvent himself - and his habits - to overcome this.

simultaneously, nicholas watched a close relative struggle & pass away from cancer. he realized that with the right diet, his loved one might have lived years longer. nicholas wanted to create real change. help people better understand their diets. their lifestyle. their goals. and create real. change.

our mission

innovate, develop and challenge the status quo to inspire others. we are on a relentless quest for the best, aiming to improve performance, health and promote sustainability.

our vision

our vision is to transform the way people live; to build a global platform personalised to their biometrics, needs, goals and psychology to meet all their nutritional needs. we aim to inspire people and give them the tools they need to perform better, live healthier and live happier.