N99 is redefining sports nutrition & health through a personalized experience tailored just for you. Our approach, inspired by cutting-edge technology and advanced algorithms, ensures that your nutritional journey is as unique as your goals. Here's a glimpse into how n99 works:

1. Seamless Onboarding

Embark on your personalized journey by completing a detailed questionnaire upon entering our website. Provide essential details like height, weight, gender, and activity level. For our female users, we gather specific information about their menstrual cycle, enabling us to craft tailored recommendations.

2. Dynamic Quiz Experience

Engage in an interactive quiz that dynamically adjusts based on your responses. Dive deep into your fitness goals, dietary preferences, allergies, restrictions, preferred flavors, and specific areas of interest within sports nutrition.

3. Tailored Product Suggestions

Benefit from a curated selection of product recommendations derived from your responses and algorithmic analysis. Each suggestion is crafted to seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle, ensuring optimal results.

4. Continuous Technological Evolution

Experience a commitment to continuous improvement as we invest in cutting-edge biomedical technology, machine learning, and collaborate with seasoned dieticians to improve the algorithms and personalization. Our goal is to evolve toward real-time personalization, providing you with instant and adaptive nutritional guidance that aligns with your evolving needs and goals.

5. Choose to Join Our Exclusive Membership Program

Take your experience to the next level with the n99 membership, offering exclusive benefits, including 50% off all product purchases, nutrition and exercise guides, exclusive content, and expert guidance, weekly nutrition reminders, and advice from our nutrition concierge on Line.

This membership is optional, offering flexibility for users to choose between an enhanced, exclusive experience or continue enjoying their personalized n99 journey without membership. Elevate your nutrition with n99 – where personalization meets excellence.

Evolving with Technology

n99 is at the forefront of technological innovation, investing in the integration of biomedical technologies and machine learning. This strategic investment positions us as a future world leader in health and nutrition personalization. As we evolve with technology, our commitment to precision personalization through scientific advancements remains unwavering.


Embark on a journey where scientific innovation converges with nutritional excellence. Choose n99's protein powder – a scientific marvel that propels you towards unlocking your potential, transcending limits, and embracing excellence with every scientifically-backed scoop.